A strong mobilisation

From September 2017, we will largely call on groups, families, associations and official institutions and ask them to develop building peace actions. We want the greatest number of people possible to come to the gathering in April 2018 with their experience. They will be able to see that their little action is an important part in the bigger collective project towards fair peace.

Cycles of 40 conferences

Conferences entitled « From fair war to the challenge of fair peace » will take place from October 2017 to April 2018 in the Nord and the Pas-de- Calais.
Here are some of the topics that will be developed : the civilians during the war ; the scouting movement in the building of peace ; calls for peace from 1914 to 1918 ; fair war and holy war ; religions during war and peace time ; remembrance of the dead ; reconctruction ; archealogy of the Great War ; the point of view of each nation about war ; peace forces in Germany, etc.


Bande-dessinée © Centenaire pour la paix


In January 2018 will be released a comic book, made from archive evidence. It will tell the life of 5 men with different backgrounds during the war.


Traveling exhibition

Entitled “Once upon a time, peace”, this traveling exhibition was developed in partnership with the Lens library and the association of the Friends of the Cathedral of Beauvais.

It traces the history of peace from antiquity to the present day.



Shows and concerts

What better than singing and music to connect, to unite, it is within this framework that we organized the concert of peace as well as a musical show




Territorial mobilization


In September 2017, we published more than 15,000 copies, a peace activity kit. This one invites to deepen what is to live in peace, by living collective and personal experiences of peace.



  • Discover the other by the deconstruction of prejudices and thus fight against fear,
  • To realize that the conflict will always exist, but that the confrontation is not inevitable,
  • Experiencing that distant peace begins with peace with oneself and with one’s home,
  • Remember the past, to make it present today and prepare the future,

These activities are experienced in groups, in class or with family, but also with other nations, through exchanges as part of a twinning, or correspondence.

The classes of the St Jean-Baptiste school of Bapaume during the ceremony of presentation of the national price of the Small Artists of the Memory. Their “notebook of Hairy” on the Infantryman Albert Le Cup was unanimous of the Jury









Inter-religious meetings, such as, for example, a meeting on “Living together for peace” with the participation of the Muslim, Jewish, Catholic and Protestant communities and the ecumenical group from Arras.